Emergency power and other generator solutions

Geneset Powerplants Ltd offers different kinds of generator solutions from small open frame models to customized container solutions. We manufacture, import and sell generators in range of 5 - 2200 kVA. We also install and test drive and offer instruction, also with "ready to use" -principle.

We also have a rental service for temporary needs, with rental times varying from short to longer terms. Ask for our available equipment!

Our company is driven by life cycle thinking and that is why we care about service, repair and spare part availability for the generators and other products sold by us. 

Cost-efficiency is in a key position in our operation and we want to make sure that it is possible for our customers to make economical profit without decreasing quality. Our strategy is based on safe and cost-effective solutions.

Hydraulic products

Geneset Powerplants Ltd hydraulic generators, welding machines, high pressure washers, air compressors, submersible pumps and magnets add value to the machinery. Hydraulic products are lightweight and compact solutions that will save time and money on sites.

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Renewable Energy

Geneset Powerplants Renewable energy, Hybrid off-grid systems and Battery banks, Biomass gasification, Solar photovoltaics and Wind turbines provide renewable and enviroenmental friendly energy to power all appliences connected to them, while keeping the cost reasonable.

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Wherever-Whenever-With any power

Geneset Powerplants Ltd is granted the highest AAA credit rating. Only 3.8% of Finnish companies are honored to have this certificate. Our business operation is guided by quality process and environmental management systems, which guarantee the quality of our products and service.