Thermal gasification turns biomass or waste fuel into producer gas, which can then be used in heat and power production. The fuel can originate from wood, agricultural residues or municipal solid waste. The energy can be used as heat in industrial processes, as electricity using gas engine or gas turbine, or in combined heat and power (CHP) production. Combined heat and power production is very efficient, allowing more than 90% of the energy contents of the fuel to be harnessed. Gasification increases the fuel to power efficiency of the biomass fuels, and it is the most efficient method to recover the energy content of waste materials.

Biomass gasification has attracted interest in the past 20–30 years due to the growing attention to the use of green and sustainable energy. Considerable efforts have been made on developing and applying this gasification system into an established and practical, but also competitive technology. The versatility of the gases produced using biomass gasification is the main driver for the interest this technology.

Geneset gasification generates 150 - 2000 kW of electrical power and 250 - 4000 kW of thermal power, making it optimal power and energy solution for communities, industries, large farms, hospitals, schools etc.