According to IRENA (International renewable energy agency), Production of energy with low carbon emission is crucial for preventing climate change. Currently, Energy production and usage account for roughly 67% of all greenhouse emissions around the world. These emissions must be reduced in a near future to prevent catastrophic cilmate and environemntal outcomes.

According to CNC (Carbon Neutral Coalition), Finland aims to become a carbon-neutral society by 2045 and aims to reduce the emissions from the 1990 levels by 80-95% by the year 2050. Deployment of innovations and new technologies are providing opportunities for the Finnish economy while reducing the emissions.

Implementing Renewable Energy solutions, from small to large scales, can significantly help with preventing such change in the climate while aiding the environment and increasing the efficiency of energy production.

Our Mission

As an energy and power production company, our mission is to provide high quality and sustainable facilities to generate stable energy and power for our clients. Whilst renewable energy solution brings economic and social benefits to the end users, will help to create a balance and harmony between human kind and the nature. 

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